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Who We Are

Hi! I'm Aleigh. Wife, boy mom and fur mom. Avid crafter/diy whenever I can be. Our journey began back in 2017 when I took a class on non-toxic cleaning. I found out the items I had been using were actually causing us more harm than good. I started to read the labels on EVERYTHING! That's when I noticed the need for safe, yet effective cosmetic products as well. Now, our family chooses to live as non-toxic as possible.

I decided to start sharing my knowledge with others. With a little passion, and maybe some ADD, I branched out from just cleaning products and cosmetics. I let my creativity soar. I started growing my family, which lead to toy making (naturally 😝) and then later on started to explore my love of jewelry making. I’m sure at some point you'll be able to expect some new hobby of mine to show up here as well. 

Creations By Aleigh products provide unparalleled selection of quality, ingredients you can READ, an easy shopping experience, and exceptional customer service. All while providing the best selection of handmade products! Come check out our collection! 

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