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Who We Are

Hi! I’m Alissa Leigh, Aleigh, the face behind the earrings at Creations By Aleigh.

I’m a boy mama to two beautiful babies. Before I was a mom though, I was an artist, always on the hunt to learn a new trade. I lost myself a little when I became a mom because all my creativity was put on hold. That’s when I decided to start my small business. A way to get a piece of myself back. As soon as it’s lights out for the boys, it’s craft time for mom!

I love working with clay because the possibilities are endless. Different cutter options and techniques are constantly being discovered and I want to try it all! I love spending hours designing and creating new collections each month! Clay is unique because it’s so lightweight you can actually forget you’re wearing it. I love making big statement earrings that I know won’t make my ears cry by the end of the day! Tiny festive studs are always fun too!

I’m just starting to branch myself out a bit with in person events and markets. So if you see me out, come up and say hi! Can’t wait to meet you. :)

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